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Church Ignited

Evangelist Billy Sunday: “The well-known village atheist was seen running vigorously to the site of a burning church building, intent on joining with others in helping to extinguish the…

May 4, 2017Awakening

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Deplorable Me!

I confess up front. I am deplorable. But that is not because I am in the basket that HRC described, nor because I am entrenched as a supporter of…

September 15, 2016awareness

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The Deluge of the ‘Dones’.

‘Dones’ are a group that is on the rise in western culture, it seems to me. Not long ago I read a book entitled The Rise of the Nones,…

May 21, 2016awareness

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What Does the Instruction Manual Say?

When is the last time you gave serious consideration to the directions our LORD Jesus left us with in our instruction manual? His final words before departing from the…

May 12, 2016awareness Discipleship Mission

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“Send Me the Bill!”

“Send me the Bill!” said my Dad. Well, I am getting ahead of myself. I was in the 4th grade, my least favorite of my elementary school grades. I…

April 10, 2016awareness Discipleship

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WANT. [Psalm 23]
This is a very popular verse in the bible
every christian or believer use to comfort his/
herself in time of challenges,but I
realized that
people don't really understand it.
I was listening to a radio program one
sunday and It was a Catholic service,though I didn't start from the
beginning of
the service but there reading was taken
PSALM 23. As popular as the verse is,the
Rev. Father have to explain more on the verse
inspired me to listen.
"Everyone is a SHEPHERD" he said, he
"if you are a teacher you're a SHEPHERD,if you
are a student you're a SHEPHERD,if you
are a
doctor,lawyer or president you're a
As I was meditating on his sermon,the spirit of
God reviewed to me the deep things
about the
verse. Who said it and why he said it?.
The spirit
of God made me to. Understand that David is
the man that said it and why he use the
'SHEPHERD' was that he's a SHEPHERD.
David mostly spent his time with his
sheep,he takes care of them and protect them from
animals. Without the sheep saying am
knows when to feed them and takes
them to a greener pasture,he knows when they are
and he takes them to where. they would
from a clean water. Even though he is not
like them but they know david will never Lead
to danger,all they do is follow him. David
he's a good SHEPHERD that's why he
use the word SHEPHERD to talk about his
with God.
In other words,he put himself in the
position of
the sheep and made God the SHEPHERD seeing how good he is with the sheep,he
proudly said it.
This brings me to my main reason of
writing this
article. Now how many of our pastors can
put themselves in the position of there
members and
proudly say "THE LORD IS MY PASTOR"?
many of our president can put
themselves in the citizens position and proudly say "THE
PRESIDENT"? How many of our kings
can put
themselves in the position of there
subject and still say "THE LORD IS MY KING"? How
husbands can put themselves in there
position and still say "THE LORD IS MY
HUSBAND"? Viz- visa. In any place or position you find yourself
can you
proudly place God in that same position
and say
"THE LORD IS MY ............, then complete
the verse?
So you can stop living in someone else's
glory, but create your own relationship
with God....

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Kyle Lacio shared an event to Church Unleashed Global, Inc.'s Timeline. ...

Fish Fry for Bernie Sanders

February 25, 2016, 5:30pm

Free Fish Fry! Meet Actor Danny Glover and others.

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