A multi-tiered response.

Equipping will take place at two different levels and in two different time frames. Adequately training your church to be equipped with the knowledge and expectations of missions work happens first. Equipping the believers you become involved with happens in the field.

Equip Your Church

Missional outreach to People Groups, or even population segments will often involve cross-cultural work. World view, cultural practices, language, medical concerns, safety and a multitude of other matters will need to be a part of the training and preparation for missional involvement.

Together, we develop a comprehensive training program to equip your church in the process of missional action. This includes training on:

    • Prayer Support
    • Financial Support
    • Actual Cross-cultural Ministry


Equip Believers

Once you have become involved in ministry on the field, conserving the fruit of the work will require equipping the indigenous believers to grow and multiply. What are the basics that are essential to see a Church Planting Movement break out in a particular People Group, population segment, or geographical region of the world?

We help you to develop and contextualize your methodology of training.


Determine the context of missions that God has placed you in.