Every Story Matters to God!

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Your Story Matters to God! So does Theirs.

The truth is that every story matters, because every story is a person valued and loved by God.Every person needs to hear God’s Story.


It is certainly not original with me, but I love the concept. Someone has said God must care about numbers because there are so many of them in the Bible. One of the books of the Old Testament is named Numbers. In Acts, when the church begins we are given very careful numbers by Luke until the numbers became so overwhelming they are simply described as a multitude.

But more important than the sheer number; every single one of those numbers has a name that is known to God. So intimately involved in our world is He that Jesus said even the number of hairs on our head is known to God. Can you imagine? And listen,
Behind every name is a story. And every single story matters to God.

I am so grateful that my grandchildren have had the opportunity to hear and believe the Gospel message. But what if they had been born in one of the many, many ethnic groups around our world who have no access to the Gospel. Of the approximate 12,000 ethnic groups identified in our world, one fourth of them have no one even attempting to share the Gospel with them.


It is not a hidden reality that most of the efforts and resources of the western church is directed toward the western population. In southern America, many will hear the Gospel message many times. Much like the fact that we are overfed while much of the world starves, we are often saturated with the Gospel message’s availability while millions do not even know that there is a Jesus who loves them.

I am not minimizing the importance of sharing the Gospel in our communities and in our nation. I think we should do more of it. I am confident that there is a growing percentage of our population that has never heard the Gospel in a clear and understandable way, even though there are churches all around them.

What I am doing, is calling for us to allot some, even more of our efforts and resources to the rest of the world. It is not that there is a shortage. We may have a selfishness permeating our culture that limits our receipts of resources to invest internationally, but we could correct that problem.


This is the reality. Investing more effort and more resource to reaching the “ethne” of the world does not mean investing less in our own community. Jesus said in Acts 1:8, “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, AND, the ends of the earth.” It is not presented as an option that we choose from. It is not a sequential effort, but a simultaneous effort.

There is a great deal of conversation about the revitalization of the church and about spiritual renewal. I get that, and I am for that. But we tend to act like we are batteries that need to be reconnected to our power source (GOD), and then charged up. In reality, I believe we are more like cables or conduits that connect on one end to the power source, and on the other end to the need and when both ends are properly connected, the power of God (Acts 1:8) flows through us. Jesus said we would be rivers of life giving water, not stagnant reservoirs.


I do not have all the answers. As I continually have said, I am not even sure what all of the questions are. That having been said, we have helped churches to re-evaluate and reaffirm their missional strategy. Our efforts are aimed at helping you take the next step in God’s plan for you.

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