Missional Coaching

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Let me begin by saying that by offering to do missional coaching I am not at all trying to suggest that I have all the answers. In fact, I do not even know what all of the questions are. Not only that, most of the time people seem to be looking for silver bullets to resolve any and all challenges before them. I am confident you know this, but in missional engagements there simply are NO SILVER BULLETS.

I personally believe that the God-given DNA of any true church is missional DNA. The reason that I say that is because God is a missional God, and the church is birthed by the indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. The promise of Christ was that when the Holy Spirit came the people of Christ (the Church) would be empowered to carry out the mission of Christ (Acts 1:8).

A couple of years ago I was reading an article on the topic of epigenetics. A friend had given it to me because he knew that I was talking about missional DNA so much. Epigenetics is the study of the impact of our history, our culture, our life experiences and our entire surrounding environment on our behavior. In reality we may have certain genetic behavioral predisposal, but all these other matters often impact our behavior significantly as well. In application to the church, “spiritual epigenetics” recognizes that our traditions, our history, our preferences, our worldview, and a whole host of cultural factors impact our church behavior.

Here is my point: Church Unleashed Global is all about coaching churches through the process of “unleashing” their God-given missional DNA. We do not have to create this DNA, it is present with the Holy Spirit. We may need to unclutter and rediscover.

In Africa they have a Proverb that says, “You eat an elephant one bite at a time.” I believe a missional journey begins with the first step, and then is followed by a sequence of next steps, and that all steps should ultimately be God-directed. Church Unleashed Global wants to help coach you through this journey. Again, we do not have all the answers. We do know how to trust the ONE who does have the answers. Each church journey is uniquely designed for its own context and its own “gifting” by God. Every church can take a missional journey.

You can contact me by email at pastorbradbessent@gmail.com, or by phone at 803-269-3000.

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