Multiplying Disciples is the Only Option

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It is interesting to study the book of Acts and note how quickly the early disciples became a multiplying movement. I am astounded that Luke tells us the exact numbers until the church has become more than 20 or 30,000 and then he starts speaking of a multitude. Later when Paul writes to Timothy he speaks of 4th generation multiplying, and yet it seems the western church rarely gets past a second generation.

I have seen this at work in Mali, in Kenya, and in India, and certainly read about it in China. Is it not possible to see this everywhere? I want to quickly caution that we never confuse our role of sowing seeds and making disciples with the role of the Holy Spirit to convict, convince, and convert. But is it possible that the problem in western civilization is that we have lost sight of the Biblical strategy.

Paul told Timothy, the things you have learned from me teach faithful men who will teach others also. Jesus never said to simply go teach people facts. He said go make disciples by teaching them to do the things I have taught you to do. It is an obedience response, not a knowledge accumulation.

I believe with all my heart that the DNA of the church is a missional DNA. I believe that because God is a missional God and the church’s life is the Spirit of God. SO our very basic DNA is missional. We supernaturally make disciples when we are obedient and surrendered to the Holy Spirit. If I am correct, we need to release that God-given DNA. We need to be the Church Unleashed.

The typical American Bible Studies, or at least those I have been around tend to be knowledge focused. They have very little attention given to personal application, and then there is little accountability. In fact, our church members can sometimes be resistant to being held accountable.

I have a ministry that is committed to helping you explore the strategies that are in the Bible to actually “make disciples.” I would love to have dialogue with you and help you to accomplish that in your church. Contact me at

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