Pen the Tales

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I have attempted to pen the tales of our journey to Africa, in this, my second book.Many of us grew up in a time before video games and electronic party game options, so we are familiar with children’s party games like “Pin the Tale on the Donkey.” Donkeys not only originate in Africa, they are quite common and essential to life. They are beasts of burden that are central to life in the bush. They are also quite irritating at night with their braying when you are trying to sleep.

I have attempted to record the story of Beulah Baptist Church, from my point of view for several years. I have told the stories, and I have friends who claim to tell the stories even better than I. But I have attempted to share “Tales” from our journey on mission in West Africa. It is my hope that there are life lessons in the stories. It is my hope that they will motivate others to attempt to reach the yet untold millions in our world with the Gospel. I have recorded them based on my notes, and yes, my memory.

I literally started this book 8 years ago when the journey began. I became discouraged with the realization that publishing companies do not want manuscripts that are not presented by agents, and that agents are all about the bucks. I have picked up the manuscript and worked from time to time. I have dispatched it to two different editors who have adjusted, changed, and at times even messed up the stories. It is not a masterpiece of literature. It is a collection of true stories on our journey.

It is not the whole story. IT is ultimately His Story, and so it will not be complete until the consummation of the ages. But there is a part two to this book that I hope to have available in the near future. I hope you will read the book. More significantly, I hope you will become directly involved in the mission. To God be all glory. Until all have heard.

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