POLITICS IS . . .well, it is politics!

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Growing up it was not unusual to hear, “You don’t talk politics and religion.” The point seemed to be that those two subjects can be very inflammatory, and after all everyone has their own point of view. It is interesting to watch. I studied history in college, and I remember that it was a Republican President by the name of Lincoln that signed the Emancipation Proclamation bringing an end to slavery. It was for years to come the Democratic party that was the party of the deep south, the deeply white anglo saxon protestant south. And yet in many ways roles seem often reversed these days.

Nevertheless, out of the Republican Party the state of SC has re-elected a woman, and not only a woman, but an Indian woman by ethnicity. Upstate SC has elected out of the Republican part an African American senator. Across the country the Republicans have elected a majority to the Senate, and re-elected a majority to the House, giving them control of both sides of Congress. Our Democratic President is under fire with low approval polls, and yet the economy seems to be improving and gas prices are down.

So what do we make of all this? I am sure we will hear a variety of opinions in the days to come. The unbiased news of Fox will remain biased to a conservative view. The non-partial view of other networks will remain biased to the liberal view. Who knows the truth? Sometimes we must conclude only God knows, and that not as some dismissal of reality but the truth is only He does. My slant on all of this is that POLITICS CAN NOT SOLVE OUR DEEPEST ISSUES.

We are divided in so many ways. With all the strides over my life time in a positive direction, racial tension seems to be rising to a new level. Let me quickly say that I spend time talking to prejudiced people of both white and black ethnicity. Racism is not bound to one color. Each are quick to claim that the other is bigoted and to blame. All too often Republicans get elected and then they act like, don’t tell them, POLITICIANS. All too often Democrats are elected, and shhhh, they too act like POLITICIANS. Politics is politics.

It is deeper issues of the heart that are the realities we must deal with. Love or hatred come from the heart. And the Bible teaches that the heart is deceitfully wicked. When I travel to other countries, I never have to convince people that at the core we are all sinners. While as Americans we try to explain it away, most ethnicities of the world recognize that at the very core mankind is sinful. We need a heart change. Politics cannot change our heart. Rarely will Republicans convince Democrats to think like Republicans, nor will Democrats convince Republicans to think like Democrats. But they both think like POLITICIANS.

RELIGION isn’t the solution either. We can talk about the religion of hatred that we see from Islam at times, but we cannot overlook much that has been done under the Christian banner, or other banners as well. In my opinion, religion is man made.
God desires a relationship, not a religious activity. And in order to have a relationship with God we have to deal with the problem of sin. So from my point of view, the only level playing field is at the foot of the Cross. Only when we come into deep abiding fellowship with God through Jesus Christ can we overcome the division between whites and blacks, or between Republicans and Democrats, or between Muslims and Hindu, or between Aggies and Longhorns, or Gamecocks and Tigers. True love is only possible when we know the love of God, and only God-love can resolve our differences. That is my opinion. Meanwhile, politics is . . . well, it is just politics.

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