What’s First? Not Who’s on first?

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What is the first step I should take? Start at the very beginning, as the song said, “a very good place to start.” So where do we begin?

This past Sunday I had the privilege to speak at a church on the topic of missions. After church I met with their mission committee. The most important question they wanted me to answer was this: How do we get from point A to point B? “It’s a big world, and we don’t know where to start on the international side?” There are multitudes of other questions that spring from this one, but what is step number one?

Reading through the book of Acts, I am struck by the fact that these believers were led by the Holy Spirit. There is not more brilliant illustration of this than when Paul and his companions were on their second missionary journey. They attempted to go one place, and the Holy Spirit blocked them. They tried another and again the Spirit of God prevented them. Then Paul had a vision from God of a Macedonian man saying, come and help us. They concluded this was God’s direction for them.

I believe that God will tell us where He wants us to go if we will sincerely ask Him.
So step number one is Prayer. Even with that the New Testament teaches that the Holy Spirit will aid us in our prayers when we do not know how to pray.

One very practical step I suggest to people is hang a map of the world, especially if you can get one that shows the pockets of “lostness” and unreached people groups in a prominent high traffic place in your church. Distribute copies for the church people to have in their places of personal devotion. Ask God to direct your eyes to where He wants you to go. Then begin to talk together and see if there is not a common encounter with God that keeps showing up.

Once you have located a part of the world that you believe God is leading you to engage over time, then get in touch with an evangelical mission organization to discover the various ethno-linguistic people groups in that part of the world. Find out all you can about those people groups, and pray for them. See which one or ones God continually burdens your heart with. Let’s return to listening to God.

Once you get this far, call us for help. We will point you to resources that help you, or even guide you each step of the way. Church Unleashed Global is committed to assisting one church at a time take one step at a time to obey and fulfill ACTS 1:8.

You can make a difference in this world.

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