Wintery Mess Paralyzes the Nation

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Atlanta was completely paralyzed a few weeks ago because they waiting too long for closing businesses and schools. Children were stuck spending the nights in their schools. People were caught on interstates in gridlocks, often for 24 hours or more. And now a new wintery mess is passing through. OK, so I am taking advantage of the weather to hype my blog post. I am discovering that the number of the visits to my site are often more a reflection of the title of the article than the content. The truth is we tend to think of winter as a dark time of the year. And our nation is paralyzed by a different wintery mess. It is the darkness of forsaking God.

Interestingly throughout our history we have approached disastrous moments but overcome them by spiritual awakenings that have turned the tide of moral decadence and restored our course in a positive manner. Unfortunately, that kind of awakening that turned the tide in the 18th and 19th centuries did not occur in the 20th, and we are moving further away from our Judeo-Christian values at the outset of the 21st.

Post moderns suggest there are no absolutes. What is true is simply what a person chooses to believe is true. Our government is out of control. Our churches are largely declining. It is indeed a wintery mess that has paralyzed us spiritually.

If you study the history of awakenings, they all seem to have something in common, extraordinary prayer. There have been revivals without great music. There have been great revivals without great preaching. But there has never been a spiritual stirring among God’s people resulting in revival that did not begin in prayer. Is it too late? Can we see a spiritual thawing of our nation in time? I don’t know what God may do, but I suggest it is time we return to our prayer closets and seek a fresh movement of God.

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