Working Like Jesus!

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Waiting before God for when He fulfills His promise also includes working the works of Christ. I am convinced that we too often attempt the work of God in our own strength and without His power. We are action oriented, and we have contingency plans in place just in case God doesn’t act. We seek to have well-tuned organizations. But a living organism is messy. I will avoid the graphic descriptions and depictions of “Body Life’ but it doesn’t take much imagination to follow that thought process.

If we are going to work the works of Christ, we must wait for the when. That is the point of my devotional thought the last few days. Jesus commanded the early believers to wait in Jerusalem for the fulfillment of the promise of the Father related to the coming of the Holy Spirit. They waited ten days, and then, “When” the day of Pentecost came, God breathed life into His church.

Fortunately for us the historical fulfillment of the sending of the Holy Spirit is already in place. We don’t have to wait for that which was new and first time in coming for the early church (Acs 2). Our waiting, if in fact we are believers, is for the “filling” not the indwelling. And that waiting is anything but idleness. It is standing before God in prayer and getting cleaned up and surrendered to Him.

SO I hav suggested that Jesus invites us in Matthew 26 to watch with Him in prayer. He asks the three closest friends He had on earth, “Could you not watch with me for one hour?” We have 24 hours in the day. Can we not give one hour to Christ in intimate fellowship through prayer and reading His Word? I know that thought is intimidating to some, so start with something. Give 30 minutes. Give 15 and grow into it.

Yesterday, I called attention to the “wrestling” nature of prayer. Like Jesus in Gethsemane we often wrestle with God’s will. We want God to tell us what He wants, and then we want to decide if we like it and want to do it. We must learn to surrender and then expect Him to direct us.

Today I want to call your attention to John 14: . Jesus tells us that if we are truly His followers, we will do the works that He did. We will work the works of Christ. Waiting for the “When” means spending quality time watching prayer. It means wrestling with the will of God in our lives and learning to submit. But it also means moving out and doing the things that Jesus has already taught us and modeled for us to do. We must do the works of Christ. And we can only truly do them in His strength. What will you do today?

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