Worship: How are you doing with Genuine Worship?

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Worship. Have you ever stopped to think about what worship really is? For some it is simply singing. For others it may be something else. Let’s just think about what it means to worship God.

Mark Powers works with the SC Baptist Convention and leads in the area of worship. At a recent event he was sharing about the meaning of Worship. He reminded us that the English word ‘worship” draws originates in our language from the combination of “worth” and “Ship”. Worship is attributing to God a recognition of His worth.

Both the Hebrew word(sagas) and the Greek word (proskuneo), however, literally mean to lay yourself prostrate on the ground. It is an amazing picture that reflects culture of the times. A soldier might be approaching and you would lay yourself prostrate before him. He would have a sword and could either cut off your head, or kill you in some way as one option, or he could lay his sword across your shoulders and say, “Rise up and live under my protection.”

What a beautiful picture of our posture in worship. The most significant posture in worship is not standing with our hands raised, or kneeling, but prostrating ourselves before God, symbolizing absolute submission to Him because He is worthy of our adoration and praise.

Although we often spend much of our time in prayer asking God for so many things, how are we doing in our praise and worship? True Worship must grow out of a surrendered life. The only acceptable posture of our hearts before the LORD is one of submission to Him and to His will. If we do not begin there, we are only putting on a show of emotion or pretense.

Don Brock, pastor at Gateway Baptist Church in Ballentine, SC, recently said that our very prayer is our helplessness before God. It is coming to Him and submitting to the reality that He is God and apart from Him we have no hope. I can do all things through Christ, but as Jesus reminds us in John 15:5, we cannot do anything apart from Him.

Prayer has many elements. None are any more important than worship. God inhabits the praise of His people. He delights in our worship. So what is it? It is recognizing and attributing to God His worth, but it is done out of a heart of full surrender to Him. Have you submitted your life to Christ?

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