Touching the world is primarily a matter of the “heart”.

After successfully navigating the exploration of your missional landscape, you will likely have made a number of discoveries, new insights into scripture, new awareness of their current  missional involvement, new awareness of God’s expectations and a fresh surge of determination to accomplish your objectives as a church. 

Embrace is to adopt into your heart a particular issue or activity.  It means willingly and wholeheartedly taking up a belief, core value, objective, or such as a way of life and ministry. We help you embrace in at least these ways:

    • Embrace God’s Heart for the World.
    • Embrace and work out the details of a God-honoring Acts 1:8 strategy specific to your church.
    • Embrace a People Group(s) and /or Population Segment that you believe God has called you to.


Determine the context of missions that God has placed you in.