Determine Your Level of Missional Activity.

Your church must determine its specific level of participation and involvement. The ministry of Engagement of a People Group, in a real sense is the most significant level of commitment. In the purist sense a church is an Engaging Church when it assumes the role of the missionary to a previously  unengaged unreached people group (UUPG)

In the step of engagement, your church will act as a “strategy coordinator” in determining the best means of engaging the lostness and planting churches among the People Group. You will need to coordinate work with nationals and missionaries of similar people groups to maximize their effectiveness.

In this step, we assist by:

    • Jointly developing a strategy of Entry.
    • Identifying platform for sharing the Gospel.
    • Developing a discipleship strategy.
    • Teaching how you to achieve multiplication of the ministry.
    • Assisting with coordination of where to find assistance from other churches, agencies, or even para-church groups.


Determine the context of missions that God has placed you in.