What is the mission of Church Unleashed Global? This blog post seeks to clarify the target we are aiming at, and how you can help. Will you become a partner? Join us in prayer, through giving, or by going.

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I sat with a good friend the other day discussing the mission of Church Unleashed Global. We were discussing the importance of letting people know and understand what we were trying to do, and how desperately we need help from other believers. He said, “Perhaps it is not so much a ‘marketing’ issue as it is a ‘target’ issue.” I perked up and said,”Please explain what you mean.”

The topic related to a recent Board of Trustees meeting where we discussed the essential matter of financing the mission of our ministry. Church Unleashed Global has an ultimate objective of partnering with others to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. Recognizing the reality of Jesus’ words in Matthew 9:37 where He declared, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few,” means we must find ways to mobilize and equip more workers.

Church Unleashed began with a mission of coming alongside churches and assisting them in focusing their missional efforts as an Acts 1:87 church. The name of the mission comes from realizing that Acts 1:8 is the real DNA of every true church, and it doesn’t need to be created, simply “unleashed”.

Nearly one fourth of the People Groups in our world are what missiologists call “Unengaged.” A People Group is “Unengaged” (UUPG) when there is no known church or mission organization with a strategy in place to make disciples and plant churches among that people group. About one fourth more of the identified people groups of our world have been termed “UnReached,” meaning that less than 2% of their population is evangelical Christian. Many of the remaining people groups could be described as UnderReached.

One very large denomination of western churches numbering 46,000 can only identify 200 of its churches that are actually engaging a UPG or UUPG around our world. While many in that denomination have a missional mindset, they are still seeking ways to engage missionally.
It bears testimony to what Jesus said. The problem isn’t the harvest. The crisis is there are not enough workers in that harvest.

The target of Church Unleashed Global is to connect churches with partners and equip them to reach the Unreached and the Unengaged people groups around our world. You can help.

We are seeking an army of prayer warriors for our mission. Visit our website support page and become a prayer partner, committing to pray weekly. You can also become a financial partner, enabling us to recruit and equip churches to the mission of engagement. Why don’t they just pay for it themselves, you ask? The average church in America today averages 89 in attendance, and most are struggling financially. Check out our support page and become a financial partner in this important work.

I have one more opportunity I want to present to church leaders. You can invite us to your church for a Mission Next Step weekend. We will custom design with you a process to help you take the next step missionally as a church. Contact us from our website.

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