Deplorable Me!

on September 15, 2016 awareness and Tags: , , , , with 0 comments

I confess up front. I am deplorable. But that is not because I am in the basket that HRC described, nor because I am entrenched as a supporter of the “Donald”. I am deplorable because I was born that way. So were you. Wretched, deserving of condemnation, unworthy, despicably bad, are just a few of […]

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The Deluge of the ‘Dones’.

on May 21, 2016 awareness and Tags: , , , , with 0 comments

‘Dones’ are a group that is on the rise in western culture, it seems to me. Not long ago I read a book entitled The Rise of the Nones, which spoke of that group who on a census when asked their religion mark the selection ‘None’. There seems to be a deluge of another group […]

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What Does the Instruction Manual Say?

on May 12, 2016 awareness, Discipleship, Mission and Tags: , , , , , with 0 comments

When is the last time you gave serious consideration to the directions our LORD Jesus left us with in our instruction manual? His final words before departing from the world focus on what we have called the Great Commission. It constitutes His last command to us. In my opinion it becomes the measuring stick of […]

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“Send Me the Bill!”

on April 10, 2016 awareness, Discipleship and Tags: , , , , , , with 0 comments

“Send me the Bill!” said my Dad. Well, I am getting ahead of myself. I was in the 4th grade, my least favorite of my elementary school grades. I had a teacher that thought much too highly of herself and often at the expense of embarrassing her students. I was on the receiving end of […]

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How to Wait for Jesus!

on March 8, 2016 awareness, Discipleship and Tags: , , , , with 0 comments

What are we supposed to do while we wait for Jesus? I have recently seen some articles written where people have taken an attitude that since Jesus said things were going to get real bad right before He returned, we shouldn’t worry about the condition of our society and our world. Think for a moment […]

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God Gave You a Paid Receipt

on March 4, 2016 awareness and Tags: , , , , , with 0 comments
Invoice Paid Stamp Shows Bill Payments Made

Receipts are a part of our daily routines. We pay for gas, groceries, or any number of other things in our lives and we receive a receipt that it has been paid. I had a bill with an accountant last year from doing my taxes. I made a partial payment, but was surprised by a […]

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Death and Dying Suck

on March 2, 2016 awareness and Tags: , , , , , , , with 0 comments

Death sucks. My mom would wash my mouth out for using that word when I was growing up. But there is no better way to say it. Death is our enemy, or so says the apostle Paul in I Corinthians 15. “The last enemy that will be destroyed is death.” (v. 26). We find all […]

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Where Do I Start? Missionally Speaking.

on February 18, 2016 awareness, Mission and Tags: , , , , , , with 0 comments

Where do I begin? How do I get started? Those are frequently asked questions when the topic of “Going” in obedience to the Great Commission comes up. The conversation had focused on the responsibility of each church to obey the Great Commission. The pastor said, “We want as a church to reach out to the […]

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The Blood of Jesus Speaks a Better Word!

on February 15, 2016 awareness and Tags: , , , , , , with 0 comments

What can blood say? In fact, before that, what does Abel have to say? Adam and Eve began with two sons, Cain and Abel. There is absolutely nothing recorded of what Abel may have said while living. But the story in Genesis 4 says that his blood cried out to God. When we come to […]

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Secret: Do You Know the Secret?

on February 12, 2016 awareness, Difficult Times and Tags: , , , , , , , , , , with 0 comments

Secrets. Everybody loves a good secret, right. Some cannot keep secrets. Some secrets should never be kept. Do you know THE secret? You say, the secret to what? Well, really it is the secret to just about anything we face in our lives. Take a moment and read carefully Hebrews 12:1-2. Did you see the […]

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