Do You Need a Mission Coach?

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Do you need a mission coach? I think this is an important question in our 21st century church lives and our ministries. People are using coaches to help them in all areas of life. The business world has recognized the value of coaching for a long time. Like in other areas, the church has been a little slower to recognize the value. So in this brief blog let me address a couple of key thoughts that might help answer the question.

(1) What is Coaching?

Gary Collins has written an excellent book entitled Christian Coaching that is published by NavPress. Collins suggests, “Coaching is the art and practice of enabling individuals and groups to move from where they are to where they want to be.” (p. 19) Many writers observe that the term “Coach” was first used to discuss a form of transportation, obviously used to move you from one place to another.

Coaching differs in almost every area of life, whether the secular business world, or in the atmosphere of the Church, from other forms of help and transition in that it is more of a conversation. It is procedurally different because it is designed to help the “coachee” discover for themselves what needs to happen and how it needs to be accomplished.

(2) What is Unique about Mission Coaching?

From my point of view, much coaching in our world is aimed at improving performance. Mission Coaching by Church Unleashed is designed more to help release performance based on your God-given DNA. It produces results that come from the overflow of a healthy personal relationship to a Missional God.

While much of the coaching that happens in our world is built around a sense of “self-actualization”, mission coaching is built on a standard. I believe it was Stephen Neill who said some years ago, “If everything is mission, then nothing is mission.” Mission Coaching raises questions for the church leader about where the definition of mission should come from and what it may actually be.

That said, Mission Coaching does not deliver its results by supplying facts and instructing the coachee in what the coach thinks he should do. Mission Coaching is designed to stimulate a coachee to discover the missional expectations on them and how to engage in obedient missional performance out of the overflow of a personal relationship with God.

(3) Why is Mission Coaching Important?
In his book, Let the Nation’s Be Glad, John Piper has clearly pointed out that missions is not the primary purpose of our life, worship is. Mission, however, exists because worship does not among so many people of our world. Mission is what we are commissioned by Christ to do. It is ultimately why we are still here. One day we will give an accounting for our stewardship of the Gospel. If mission is our primary responsibility on planet earth it is important that we do the best we can with it.

Mission Coach is designed to help a church leader and a church to maximize their fruitfulness for the Kingdom of God. It helps us in the process to keep the main thing the main thing.

(4) Who needs a Mission Coach?

Quite simply, we all do. I remember when Tiger Woods was THE golfer. He was winning all kinds of tournaments and was the one to beat. What really caught my attention in all of that was he had a “coach”. I remember thinking to myself, “There is no way someone is a better golfer than he is to coach him.” The reality is the Coach is not someone who has all the answers or is necessarily better at something than we are. It is someone who knows how to help us unlock the potential that God has given us and His church so that we can maximize the fruitfulness of our time and effort.

Contact me and let’s talk about whether Mission Coaching is right for you.

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