The Faithful Sower

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In Mark 4:1-9 we have a parable from Jesus that the Bible I am reading this morning calls “The Sower.” But I want to focus on the opening of the story on an aspect of this that strikes me as “the faithful sower.” Jesus says, “Listen! A sower went out to sow.”

At least three thoughts come to mind as I read this today. First, this man is intentional. He went out with a purpose. He went to specifically to sow the seed. We know as we read this parable that the seed is the Gospel. And we know that as followers of Christ we are called to be faithful witnesses. But honestly, so many followers of Jesus never take the time to tell anyone about Jesus. I think we have to be deliberate. We must determine that our witness will have intentionality.

Secondly, it strikes me that this man is focused. He went out with the purpose of sowing the seed, and he did not get distracted with other things. In this parable the seed falls on all kinds of soil. Some is not likely to produce growth, but the sower doesn’t determine that. He faithfully continues to sow the seed knowing that some will find its way to receptive hearts. His job is to sow and he doesn’t lose focus.

Third, it occurs to me that the man sowed with anticipation. A farmer doesn’t sow seed because it is so much fun to throw seed to the ground. He sows with an expectation. He anticipates a harvest. It is for the purpose of gathering a harvest that he sows. He knows without sowing, there can be no harvest So he sows with anticipation.

What would happen in our lives day by day if we took the time to scatter the seed? Some will fall on hardened hearts, and other on distracted hearts, as in the parable. Some will fall on shallow hearts. But in reality there will be some that falls on the heart that is prepared by the Holy Spirit to receive the Word. Some will bear fruit many fold. We are called by Jesus in Acts 1:8 to witness to what we have experienced to be true. Let us be faithful.


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