The Great SC Flood of 2015

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Record rains in SC that produced a flood that no one could have truly anticipated. It is overwhelming to see the absolute power of such torrential amounts of water, bursting the dams of lakes and ponds, flooding the roadways, washing away large trucks and crushing houses. Some speak of the power of “Mother Nature.” But it is in reality only an inkling of the awesome power of a Creator God.

I could not help but think, if this amount of flooding took place with just a few days, what would 40 days and nights of torrential downpour produce. Suddenly the great flood mentioned in Genesis seems more credible. I already believed the story, but surely the naysayers have to take notice of what can happen.

Why did it happen? I have no answer for that. Some will be quick to suggest it is God’s judgment for our sin. I saw where one “idiot” (I cannot think of another word less offensive) posted on Facebook that it was because someone messed with the confederate flag. Seriously, dude? Of all that is going on in America that is where you landed? I can say I thought many times over the last couple of days about the promise of the rainbow in the sky that God placed there to remind us He would never destroy the entire earth by flood again.

The sun is out today. Perhaps the water in my basement will begin to disappear. Maybe the city will be able to restore water service to our side of town. Meanwhile I am grateful to God that my children and grandchildren are safe. I am thankful that God is always faithful. I am appreciative at the positive community spirit I saw exhibited at the store yesterday. I stood in a line behind about 50 people, and folks were all smiling and showing kindness to one another.

As I think this morning of things that I am truly thankful for, I am most of all thankful that my heavenly Father loved me enough to give His one and only Son to die on a cross for my sins and in my place. I am grateful for the shed blood of Christ that cleanses me of all my sins and enables me to live in the joy of the LORD. I am grateful that the minor inconveniences brought by the Great SC Flood of 2015 are nothing compared to the abundant and overwhelmingly steadfast love of God through Jesus Christ.

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