The Intercession of Waiting.

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Interecession is a critical part of the “Wait.” Contrary to what some may suggest, I do not believe that Jesus’ command to “Wait” given in Acts 1:4 is instruction or even permission to do nothing. It is a command to prepare for the fulfillment of the Promise of the Holy Spirit. Already, I have suggested that the acrostic from the word “Wait”, and we have focused on Watching, that is staying spiritually alert. We have talked about “abiding”, that is living in moment by moment conscious dependence upon Christ.

Today I want to suggest the work of intercession. We understand the word Intercede to carry the idea of standing between two parties, in this case, God, and other people. Intercession carries the idea of intense and fervent prayer in their behalf. I believe it is standing in the place that Jesus stood.

In John 14 Jesus tells us that believers are able to do the same work that He did. In fact, He says,”You will do even greater works.” (Obviously not a reference to the work of atonement). The reason we can do the ministry works He did is because He did them as a man full of the Holy Spirit. No, He did not cease to be God. But fully man He limited Himself to do what He did on earth as a man. To get across town, He walked. When He was tired, He rested. When He was hungry, He ate. And the work of God He did as man, filled with the Spirit.

Because He dispenses the Holy Spirit to live within us as believers, when we are filled with the Spirit, we can do the same work. That includes the work of intercessory prayer. He said that whatever we asked in His name, that God would do it. I believe the simplest explanation o praying in Jesus’ name means we pray what He would pray in the same situation. When we find ourselves “waiting” in the position of intercession, we will find amazing answers are forthcoming to our prayer.

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