Knowing Less, Understanding More!

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In my life I am discovering that sometimes knowing less is actually more. Life was much simpler when I was younger and it seemed I knew everything. And most of what I didn’t know, at least I had an opinion on it. But as I grow older I am discovering more and more that I don’t know as much as I did, or at least as I thought that I did. In no part of my life is there more truth to this than in my walk with God.

As I read my Bible, I do not encounter a book of systematic theology. In my western culture that is often troublesome. At least it is in my modern thinking, before the millenials took over and postmodernism set in. We want our awareness of God to fit in our neat little boxes. But I discovered as I traveled to other parts of the world that God is often very surprising. At least He has often surprise me. He has definitely shown me that He doesn’t fit inside my organized boxes.

Everything we know about God we know because He has revealed it to us. But God is so much bigger and greater than we can comprehend. He is mysterious in many ways. God Himself says in His Word that His ways are not our ways. Before you brand me a liberal, let me clearly declare I believe every Word of the Bible. God has indeed revealed Himself, and most completely in the Incarnation and life of Christ among us.

In this strange world of “social media” it is interesting to me to note how many people have God all figured out and who have all the answers to every mystery. Some come across as Pharisees who have a self-assumed assignment to be
“guardians of the truth.” (Of course that is truth as they perceive it.) Others are prophets of gloom, declaring the end of everything. But I read in the Bible, “in the beginning God,” and as I continue to read I discover, “in the end, God, too.”

The odd thing is, the more I discover that I do not really know, especially about God, the better I seem to become acquainted with Him. I find He never violates the truth of the Scripture (the Bible only). Yet He is not contained in a systematic theology book of even our smartest Bible scholars. He is bigger and greater, far grander. He is the uncontainable, infinitely personal and yet personally infinite “I AM”.

(Just some ramblings on this Monday morning from a simple minded guy amazed and disappointed by so much of what is posted on social media as the ultimate and final word on anything and everything. What if we dedicated ourselves in 2016 to seeking God’s face with all of our hearts? What if we admit, He is God, not us? And in doing so we admit that we have so much to learn? What if you take the lid off the box?


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