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I was excited to arrive at the church service Sunday and discover I had been given a Big Ask Pen and three invitation cards. I have given out of two of the cards already this week, inviting people (ASKING) to join us in church. I love my church for a lot of reasons. One is the constant focus on sharing the Gospel with people who are far from God so that they might discover they can have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

But here is the thing: In most communities, the majority of people that attend church are not in the majority of the churches. There are a growing number of mega-churches and then everyone else. It is the “everyone else” that is the focus of MY BIG ASK today.

I am convinced that the majority of churches in our communities are not going to survive, unless they rediscover how to be missionally engaging. We no longer live in a day that “if you build it, they will come.” Not even the most effective mega-churches are impacting the truly marginalized and unreached of our communities. As I have said many times, Mission is not so much about geography as it is learning how to share the Gospel effectively in every context, whether across the street or around the world.

My ministry through Church Unleashed Global is focused on reaching out to churches to consult and coach them in the mission process. I have often said, “Not only do I not have all the answers, I am confident I don’t have all the questions.” But I have some experience and training in being missional, and I have discovered some steps we can all take to, as Ed Stetzer suggests, “Break the Missional Code” where we are.

What is my Big Ask Question? I am so glad you asked. I have never turned any church down because of their size or budget. As a result, like many mission groups, we depend on the financial gifts of God’s people who want to see every people group in our world have access to the Gospel. I know that I am very limited in my ability to go to every people group; I will never make it in time. But every church we coach in the process multiplies our workers committed to the task.

So my Big Ask Question: Would you consider giving on a regular basis to help us accomplish our task? You can read more about our ministry on our website, www.ChurchUnleashedGlobal.org. I will be glad to address any questions you have if you will contact me at pastorbradbessent@gmail.com.

I have another “Ask” for you. I would love to help your church unleash its God-given Acts 1:8 DNA even more effectively than you currently are experiencing. Consider putting me in your church’s budget and we will work together over this next year. Call me for more details, 803-269-3000.

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