Not the Expert!

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I was adding to my Twitter account people to follow and ran across one person’s description of himself as “An Expert.” It caught my attention largely because of the implied arrogance of believing that about yourself. Because I work to help church leaders and churches release their missional DNA more effectively, I thought to myself, “Am I an expert?”

One of the definitions I recall of an expert was that it is someone who has a briefcase and is more than 50 miles from home. I suppose to day we would say an ipad or some other form of smart notebook instead of a briefcase. Since my ipad rode away on the top of a family member’s car roof I cannot fit that description.

Another definition that I have always been partial to goes something like this: an “ex” is a has-been, and a “spurt” is a drip under pressure. I may have been described that way somewhere along the way, but I hope that is not typical of my strategies to help folks. LOL.

“The” expert suggests some top of the pile individual: the most knowledgeable, or the best at the topic. In reality, however, in church life there are no silver bullets. The effectively faithful church is one that operates under the clear leadership of the Holy Spirit, and there is no set program to achieve that.

What there are, however, are some clear precepts in God’s Word, and some mile markers along the way. With so many churches plateaued and struggling to survive it is certainly obvious that many need to rediscover the Mission of Christ. Sometimes I help church leaders and churches achieve this by serving as a Coach. Other times people want more directed help as ask me to become a teacher and instructor. In the end, always, we are seeking to guide you to discover the implications of the Great Commission for the field of service God has placed before you.

Imagine what might happen if the real potential of the local church was unlocked. What could your church actually do for the Kingdom of God? Let’s explore the answer to that question together. Contact me at

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