Pray, Give, Go! Wait and then . . .

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In Revelation 7:9 we discover that a day is coming when there will be representatives of every single people group standing before the throne of God giving to Him the glory that He deserves. It will consummate the story of reconciliation that returns all to God’s original intention. Day by day I pray, based on Psalm 67, that all the “ethne” will praise God. I pray that the nations will rejoice and be glad because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One of the horrific realities of our day is that there remain over 3,000 people groups on our planet who have no access at all to the Gospel. There is not any church, mission organization, or para-church group with a strategy to reach them. While billions are lost and separated from Christ, these 3000 people groups are not only unreached, no one is attempting to reach them. Too little of our financial resources are used outside of our local churches. Too little of our human resources are committed to “Go”, and for that matter to even pray.

When Jesus challenged the disciples in Acts 1 to “Wait” in Jerusalem, they understood the great mission before them was to Go to all the people groups and make disciples. (Matthew 28). Jesus understood they could not do this in their own power, but would need the organic work of the Holy Spirit through them. When Pentecost came, God breathed life into this rag-tag band of believers and formed His church. This church empowered by God’s Spirit, moved out to proclaim the Gospel.

But the task isn’t complete. Will you pray today for all people to have access to the Gospel? Will you put your budget in order so that you can give generously to the work of reaching the lost? Will you go as God gives the opportunity? Wouldn’t it be great to know the Great Commission was completed in our lifetime.

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