Salty Talk!

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Salty talk can have more than one meaning, I suppose. Some might think of sailors as salty, and I have heard the expression, “cuss like a sailor.” My reference to salty talk is not in that vein.

Colossians 4:6 says, “Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt . . .” Salt in the right proportion adds flavor to what we taste. Sometimes it is used as a way of preserving something. The important focus, however, I believe of Paul’s words here is that we speak words that are filled with grade. I believe that means words that build up someone and draws them to Jesus.

I really am preaching to me this morning. Sometimes I have had someone say something to me like, “Brad, its not so much what you say, but how you say it.” Sometimes, it may actually be what I say. I received a good remind of this when I woke up this morning. While I was waiting on my first cup of coffee to begin to kick in, I took a glance at my Twitter feed. I had a significant number of notifications, well beyond any number I had received in an overnight period before.

I quickly discovered that a hastily posted picture of a national shrine in another country with a caption reminding folks despite all of its outward beauty it was a tomb. Many quickly had retweeted it, and soon I had offended national of that country and followers of two other religions. I had threats of having certain body parts cut off, and many nasty comments aimed at my faith.

I could quickly point out that my intent was to offer a commentary that outward beauty can often hide the death that lurks within any of our hearts, but that doesn’t undo the offense. (Yes, I pulled the tweet down). I prayed that God might turn the offense into something positive, but I received a big reminder. God desires that my words be gracious. It is one thing for someone to be offended at the Gospel message, but it is something entirely different for me to offer that message in an offensive manner.

If you read this, and were offended, please forgive me. If you read this with no awareness of that tweet, simply be reminded that God wants us to use our Words to draw people to Him, to encourage other believers in their walk with God, and never to belittle, demean, bully, abuse, or a multitude of other negatives. The Bible reminds us that our words are powerful. They can give life. And they can give death. May the Words of my mouth be pleasing to God.

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