We Scatter the Seed.

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I scattered the seed. I didn’t get as much harvest as I had hoped. Truthfully, as I sit this morning on my back porch I can see the final green in my tomato plants fading into the dried out brown from the heat. The rest of the garden is overgrown now with weeds.
It was a disappointing year. I planted 20 tomato plants, three rows of black-eyed peas, two rows of green beans, two rows of lima beans, three rows of okra, and a row each of zucchini, cucumbers, and peppers. We got some green beans early, and had a bumper crop of everything else on the way, and then . . .THE DEER CAME.

They absolutely cleaned house. Ate it all, well except for a few tomatoes they graciously left us. No okra. No black-eyed peas, not one, and I love them. Everyone had a suggestion for keeping the deer out. Put out human hair. Tie Irish Spring soap out. Pee around the garden’s border. Tie fishing line up at various heights, so they can’t see it, and will bump into it. Tie pie pans to metal poles to bang in the wind. Put out milorganite (stinky fertilizer). I did it all. Didn’t make a bit of difference.

But as I think about this, one thing is certain. The green beans we harvested were good, much better than the store bought cans. The few tomatoes we got were outstanding. And there would never have been any, if were had not scattered the seed.

Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is like a man who went out and scattered seed. Then he went to bed at night and rose by day. The seed began to grow, even though the man didn’t understand how.” Jesus told the disciples before the ascension, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses.” That is it. Those of us who are followers of Jesus are witnesses. And our work is effective, if we do it. We scatter the seed of God’s Word, all of us. At least that is what we are challenged to do.

We cannot make the seed grow. That is God’s part of the equation. We scatter the seed wherever we go as His witnesses. As we do, the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of people to produce response. He determines the who and the when. We faithfully scatter seed. Be a faithful witness today.

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