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There are three primary ways that you can support the ministry of Church Unleashed Global. You can pray, give and/or go. 


Prayer should always be the first resolve for a Christian, and not our final recourse. I am seeking an army of 1000 people who will commit to praying for our ministry at least once a week. I am sending out at least weekly updates of prayer request. To become a part of the faithful prayer team for our ministry please submit your name and email in the form to the right.

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This ministry is not possible apart from the faithful financial support of partners committed to mobilizing the body of Christ to be sure every single People Group on earth has access to the Gospel. It is not possible to mobilize the churches apart from this support. All gifts are tax deductible and overseen by our Board of Trustees.


Because we are mobilizing churches, the best way to be a part is to lead your church to participate. Connect us to your pastor or your mission team to share the vision and opportunity. If your church cannot participate, we will try to connect you with others who are going. Every Christian should pray, ‘Lord, I am planning to go, but willing to stay.”

Contact Brad: 803-269-3000