The Problem with Waiting on God: WAITING!

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Have you ever deeply and fervently sought the LORD for something, only to sense the Holy Spirit is whispering to your heart, “Wait?” I have been personally seeking God on a matter for more than six weeks, and again and again He has said, “Wait.” And it is more than the still small voice of God’s Spirit. It is all over the pages of the Psalms.

Psalms 37:7 for example, says, “Be still before the LORD, and wait patiently for Him.” So waiting is bad enough. I hate waiting. I am lousy at waiting. But God’s Word not only says “wait,” it says “Wait patiently.” Are you kidding me, God? Two things I am terrible at doing, waiting, and being patient, and here You go sticking them side by side.

“I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in His Word I hope,” says Psalms 130:5. We discover a promise in Isaiah 40:31 accompanying the waiting: “They who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength.” The Bible is full of caution to not get ahead of God. And the instruction to wait is not suggestive of idleness. Invariably we are to wait before the LORD.

Abram found God to be silent one time for about 13 years. In fact he grew weary with waiting, and wow, can I appreciate that. But with the encouragement of his wife Sarai, he got tired of waiting on God’s promise of a son, and so he went into Sarai’s servant Hagar and conceived a son. What a mess came out of that, and all because of not waiting.

For many of us, at least for me, waiting is challenging. We want to begin. We want to take action. We want to do something. Maybe if we better understood that waiting is active. “Waiting” is a season for intense prayer. It is a time to carefully search the Word of God. It may even be prayer accompanied by fasting. While we waiting, we continue to do whatever it is that God has already instructed us to do in the place that we are.

It is certainly humbling for me to remember that God doesn’t really need my help. I desperately, on the other hand, need and require His help. Without fail when I do not wait I create a problem that slows things down even more. Have you grown weary in waiting? Did you move before God was ready? How did that turn out for you?

I find that the enemy likes to come and speak lies to create doubt and unbelief. I find that many times God doesn’t show up early. He is never late, but sometimes He comes at the last moment. Maybe He is testing us, refining us, strengthening our faith muscles for the days ahead. I suspect if “waiting” was easy God wouldn’t find it necessary to tell us so many times that we need to “Wait”.

As you wait, examine your surrender. Are you in full submission to Him? Is there even the slightest possibility of doubt that you will obey when God speaks? If so, correct that. Get into a posture of full and complete surrender. Put your “yes” on God’s altar and let Him then fill in the instructions. As you wait, live in God’s Word. Abide in your prayer closet with a heavenly Father who loves you and me faithfully. As you live each day continue to faithfully do the last assignment you are sure that God gave you.

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