Wearing Multiple Hats

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In 2014, at a time I feel I should be slowing down, I find myself wearing multiple hats. Our basic ministry, Church Unleashed Global, has no source of funding, except the faith gifts of people who believe in what we are doing. I am daily grateful to God for those faithful men and women who have given to this ministry over the last 18 months. I am not very good, however, at asking people to support this ministry. I believe in the appropriateness of asking, just not good at it. So to compensate for that I work bi-vocationally.

What is funny about the whole thing is that my wife and I have jokingly said over the years that because I am a man I am not very good at multi-tasking. I guess that is basically true. So as you pray for us this year, my goal is to simplify and clarify our focus. I am at the point of evaluating our objectives and core values in order to ultimately clarify our goals for 2015.

If you feel so inclined, I would love to have you join our ministry team as a prayer partner or a financial investor, or even both. On my website is a donate page.

One thing we will focus on this next year is mobilizing churches to New York City ministry. In a 75 mile radius from Time Square there are more than 22 million people. Included in that number are 400 plus unreached people groups. Literally to touch lostness in NY City is to touch lostness in the entire world. Pray as we work with churches for that purpose.

When you read my Facebook page and twitter messages you will see me promoting mission effort. You will also see me promoting business efforts which are there to help fund the mission. Thanks for listening.

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