What Breaks Your Heart?

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What Breaks Your Heart? Think about it this way for a moment: why are you still here? It seems to me if the only reason that God saves us is so that we can be holy and live in heaven, the most merciful thing He could do would be to take us on home. But He left us here; why? Because He wants to use us, I believe, to impact the lostness of this world. Millions are far from God, and their only hope is Jesus. His is the only name whereby we can be saved, the Bible says. Many millions do not even have access to the Gospel message. You and I can make a difference. So as you walk in surrender to God today, what breaks your heart?

Jesus’ Heart Burden
Jesus looked on the crowds of people in Matthew 9:35 ff. and he was deeply moved over the condition he saw them in, “like sheep without a shepherd.” The text says he was moved with compassion. The word there is a very strong word in the Greek suggesting he was so deeply moved, it turned his stomach. He understood the seriousness of being far from God. He came that men and women might be reconciled to God. When He saves us, He commissions us and separates us (all of us) to that same mission.

Devotional Thought on Heart Burden
In yesterday’s devotional thoughts (January 31), My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers speaks of Paul’s words in Romans 1:1, noting he was “separated unto the Gospel” by God. He says, “Paul is unconscious of himself, he is recklessly abandoned, separated by God for one purpose – to proclaim the Gospel of God.” He notes that we should not see our own personal holiness as that to which we are separated, but rather the ministry of redemption and reconciliation.

Pastoral Challenge on Heart Burden
The pastor at church Sunday raised the question, “What breaks your heart?” He preached from the life of Nehemiah, noting that the broken down walls pictured a more serious problem of the condition of human hearts. God has gifted us differently with our own unique calling to ministry, but all of us are called to the mission or reconciliation of people to God. How has God gifted you? What has He allowed to break your heart? What will you do that makes a difference today?

Prayer over Heart Burden
In a devotional book given out at church, it closes today with a prayer, “Jesus, I am burdened about ______________________. What should I do next? I want to make a difference. Help me make a difference.” Would you fill in that blank with the Holy Spirit’s direction in your life today? Will you pray this prayer from your heart?

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